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Ludovic G. Nicolaidis is a beatboxer from Ohio, USA.

LethalFX, along with fellow beatboxer, Tony-C, founded Shut Your Mouth & Beatbox and the Midwest Beatbox Battles. SYMAB invited many of their friends and up and coming beatboxers to be a part and the Midwest Battles can be viewed as the start of the new American Beatbox scene. Notable members include NaPoM and Villain.

"Don't forget, we created NaPoM ;)" - LethalFX

Midwest Beatbox Battles was the first international competition in United States.

With roots as a hip-hop producer and rapper, Ludovic started beatboxing at lunch for friends to rap, then as he got better and better at beatboxing he made it his main focus. Since then, he has had the privilege of judging several battles, including The 2015 American Beatbox Championship.

LethalFX currently is staying busy with shows in and around Columbus, Ohio, as well as event organization and artist marketing.


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