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LuckeyMonkey is an astounding female beatboxer residing from Florida. She has been perfecting her art since July 2006 and continues to grow and amaze people. One would have to see her to believe it! The drum sounds, instrument imitations, and singing whilst beatboxing is ALL made from solely her mouth. Incredible stuff!

She recently has picked up a loop station and has added that into her routines. This loop station allows LuckeyMonkey to create full songs including bass lines, melodies, beats, and even lyrics, in front of a live audience!

She has recently been seen on ABC Action News, the Floridian, the tbt*, and has also starred on Wild 98.7. She has also made an appearance on the Tyra Banks show where she had a beatbox battle against another female beatboxer, Butterscotch.

LuckeyMonkey has performed a long side with many beatboxers such as Doug E Fresh, Fat Tony, Bellatrix and Kid Lucky to name a few.

Her talent is combined with her husband's, Fat Tony, who is also an amazing beatboxer, to form the beatboxing duo, TnT. This is a must see act where both artists take the stage showing off their talents and they have created a new way to beatbox. It is called the human panpipes, where LuckeyMonkey beatboxes into Fat Tony's mouth to create a panpipe sound. This has to be seen to believe!

For booking information send all emails to [email protected]

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