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Mic B

Mic-B is a Los Angeles born rapper and producer, who has spent the last 17 years as a resident of Montana. His ambitions have gone far beyond music, with a varied focus touching on theater, film and dance. Mike has done live theater from the age of 10 earning a state championship for drama at the age of 16, and has been a performing musician since 2001. Among his achievements, he has hosted the Hatchfest awards show which is a ground-breaking creative experience taking place bi-annually in Montana and North Carolina boasting mentors such as John Forte and Rodrigo Prieto. He recently won the 2012 4 Elements of Hip-Hop Showcase 16 Bar Competition at the Emerson in Bozeman. He's run a popular late-night college hip-hop radio show called "The Beatdown" for KGLT Bozeman, and has hosted local rap battles. He produced and performed music for, as well as appeared in, the independent hip-hop documentary film "Where You From" which went on to win Best Music Film in San Francisco at the Frozen Film Festival in 2009.

Growing up under the roof of a studio engineer fueled his passions for music and film. He's done television, radio, and internet advertisements for respected local corporations, utilizing all of his skills including music composition, voice acting, and script writing. He currently spends his days running the IT operations for HeadRoom, a headphone retailer and amplifier manufacturer in Bozeman, Montana, and nights working either on or in his home studio.