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Mr. Dimple

Mr. Dimple | Beatboxer Profile

Beatboxer Name: Mr. Dimple
Full name: Akmal Hadi Jensa
Country: Sabah, Malaysia
Crew: Sabah Beatbox House


Mr. Dimple is a beatboxer from Malaysia. A singer turned beatboxer, Akmal is closely associated with the Sabah Beatbox House, but is currently a student (Akmal is 18 years old as of this interview).

He started beatboxing in March of 2015 when a friend from another school challenged and embarrassed Akmal in a beatbox match. At the time, Mr. Dimple could only imitate a beatboxer featured in “Asia's Got talent” while his friend could imitate beats from Alem cleanly and Reeps One's beats. From that moment, Mr. Dimple took beatboxing seriously and has reached a level to where he is today (and can beat his friend easily).

Since his competition at the World Online Beatbox Battle, Mr. Dimple has made a splash in the beatbox world, getting requests for shoutouts, including two SBX shoutout videos. His beats are very musical with professional level singing abilities, creating very well composed covers.

What do you want to achieve through beatbox?

“To be honest, I'm not targeting beatboxing as my career. But if I can make it a career then why not? For now, beatboxing is just a hobby, an alternative for me to release my stress since I'm still studying and going to sit for an examination next year [in 2017].”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“My biggest inspiration is Gene [Shinozaki], who made me choose musicality as my style. I just want to make everyone who listened to my beats enjoy it. I love to entertain people since I'm a singer before I become a beatboxer. My style is musicality, where my musicality is based on my vocals. My other favorite beatboxers besides Gene are Sh0h, Artsy, Adams and Villain.”



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