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NME aka Enemy

NME | Beatbox Profile

Beatboxer Name: NME aka Enemy
Full Name: Andrea Cimitan
Birthdate: August 30, 1998
Country: Italy


NME is an Italian beatboxer and made his breakthrough in the beatbox community at World Beatbox Camp, where he won the first WBC Loopstation battle. He returned to successfully defend his title the following year at camp. 

NME aka Enemy performing with Bee Low Emcee'ing | World Beatbox Camp 2017


Why did you start Beatboxing?
I started beatboxing when I was 12. At that time I was always listening to Michael Jackson. Then one day I was surfing youtube watching random funny videos and I happened to bump into "Best Beatboxer in the World", the famous Joseph Poolpo video.

I was really fascinated by this strange vocal technique, plus he started his show with Billie Jean, so I couldn't just stand there and watch. So I played that again and started trying with my own mouth and voice.

I've always been into music and languages. My father used to sing me "Are you sleeping Brother John?" in 6 different languages with the perfect accent, and used to talk to me in English when I was few years old. Then he made me listen to a lot of classical music. So my ear for both music and languages started developing really fast in the following years. 

So when I found beatboxing I really felt something deep inside, it really fitted me. And I [feel like I fit in] when I beatbox because it was both music and language.

Who inspired you?
The only true inspiration for every kind of artform are the experiences you make and the people you meet. This is what makes you as a person. So since beatboxing (as well as all other artforms) is an expression of the inner side of human being, I always try to meet new people, to make different experiences so that i can constantly grow, change and have a new story to tell.

I think that my greatest inspiration for performing arts in general has always been my father. To me he was THE Entertainer. To my eyes he was a brilliant actor, a fantastic singer and musician, and the funniest comedian.

The vocal techniques that I like the most and which inspired me are: jazz singing, scatting, Konnakol and Tuvan singing. I've always loved people like Bobby McFerrin, Demetrio Stratos and Al Jarreau.
If we talk specifically about beatboxing I've been always inspired by: Reeps One, Tom Thum, MB14, Beardyman.

But what constantly keeps me inspired is the incredible greatness and the intense deepness of the human voice. It was the first ever musical instrument. It is what allows us to communicate to the world. It allows us to cry, to laugh, to ask for help, to interact with people, to express our inner self. Musical instruments were inspired by the sound of the human voice. Human voice has walked such a long path, it is great and old as mankind. And throughout the ages, people have found so many different ways to use it. Think about how many languages are out there. How many different voice techniques.

NME vs Saro | 5th Beatbox Battle World Championships

We, as beatboxers, have the amazing gift of be part of the early years of a new, revolutionary ways to use our voice. We have the opportunity, the power, the right, and the duty to put our effort in deepening it as much as we can.

What is your music background?
I've been raised listening to classical music: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Rossini, Vivaldi, Verdi...
and with Italian music: Branduardi, Celentano...

My dad plays guitar, my sister is a lyrical singer and I've played piano for a couple of years, but I've never enjoying studying music until I started beatboxing.

How did you learn to beatbox?
I learned beatboxing by watching beatbox video and trying to imitate. I've never enjoyed tutorials, I've always liked learning sounds by myself until I found Lip Rolls... That was a tough one... I really needed that tutorial!

What music influences you?
Every music influences me. Like it or not, every thing you hear influences the way you express through sound.
For example: if you are constantly exposed to D-Low speaking, you'll soon get a perfect British accent. This happens with every language or accent. Same thing with music.

So I always try to listen to as many different kinds of music as I can to keep my mind and my beatbox open. But the genres which delight my ear the most are: jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, blues.

Describe your style?
My technique/style, includes a lot of drumming. Seriously, a lot. And secondly I do a lot of different genres, especially with my loopstation.

What goals do you have?
To find inner peace, to never stop growing up, to never stop learning, to reach 100 years old, to find the smartest way to write down beatboxing, to write a book about beatboxing, to make beatbox being as musically studied as all other instruments, to see and attend the first "Olympics of beatboxing".

What goals have you achieved?
Attending the World Champs [NME made semifinals in the Loopstation category and was the only male beatboxer to represent Italy in 2018].


►3RD PLACE | Grand Beatbox Battle 2018 (Loopstation)
►2x CHAMPION | World Beatbox Camp 2017 & 2018 (Loopstation Battle)
►TOP 4 | World Beatbox Championships 2018 (Loopstation)

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