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Pepouni | Beatbox Profile

Beatboxer Name: Pepouni
Full Name: Andreas Fraefel
Birthdate: September 16
Country: Switzerland
Crew: Swissbeatbox


Pepouni is a beatboxer from Switzerland, most known for his work at Swissbeatbox. Originally a devoted beatboxer and beatbox fan, Pepouni would travel across Europe recording beatboxers for his YouTube channel. In 2008, Pepouni joined the Switzerland beatbox website,, making his channel the new Swissbeatbox YouTube channel. 

Pepouni became well known in the European beatbox community, which quickly spread worldwide as the SBX brand grew. Originally, beatboxers would make their shoutout videos to "" which slowly changed to "Swissbeatbox and Pepouni" due to Pepouni's friendly demeanor and closeness to the community. 

Pepouni worked closely with mentor and friend, Bee Low, of Beatbox Battle Network. The two met numerous times in various beatbox events and became friends due to their devotion to the growth of the beatbox community. 

Pepouni is in fact a beatboxer, though videos of his battle years are hard to come by, he has recorded shoutouts to various beatbox networks. 


►Co-Founder | Grand Beatbox Battle


►Swissbeatbox | Beatbox Shoutout for my people (2009)
►New England Beatbox | Swissbeatbox (2015)
►VBeatbox | Shoutout To Vietnam (2015)

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