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I started beatboxing around june 2008 without knowing what it was. Later that year I started seeing videos of beardyman and other beatboxers and I got really intrigued so I started off copying their routines. Sloppily ;).My turning point in beatbox was finding fat tony and the tutorials. When I found that I could learn all the cool sounds I was hearing on youtube I became obsessed, started beatboxing non stop just to myself and friends. I introduced my high school to beatbox and won a small talent competition with a couple of covers. I had my first battle in spain in 2013, judged by gasu and cobli where I achieved third place, losing to gabyx in the semifinal. I have since developed my own personal style with alternative compact beats and clickrolls being my signature move. Now residing in inverness, I regularly host workshops in the local schools and perform in small local venues. I am currently collaborating with a friend on my first e.p., which is set to drop later this year. Upcoming events include WOMP, the STV appeal, Cardiff Beatbox Showcases and hopefully the uk championships. Swing by the facebook page, robbiebeatbox, or come pay us a visit at beatboxscotland!

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