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Senjka Danhieux, aka RoxorLoops is a Belgian beatboxer.

In 2004 Roxorloops became Belgian Champion. A year later he took part in the world championships, where he won the Vice World Champion title after extra rounds. Roxorloops is recognised as a world-class beatboxer and part of his mission is to He sees it spread the knowledge of beatboxing within the international beatbox community.

Roxorloops has been crew member of Beatoxic and Empedocles.

Roxorloops has performed at festivals such as Pukkelpop and Rock Werchter and has also been a judge in international beatbox competitions. He was also invited to showcase at the French beatbox convention and the international beatbox convention in London. In 2004, with the hip-hop group Empedocles, performed at Humo's Rock Rally. In 2006, with the Beatoxic crew, he participated in the second round of Eurovision, the Belgian preliminaries of the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2011, he did it again, this time with Witloof Bay, which Belgium that year represented at the festival.

Roxorlooops was invited to the performances of Clouseau 20 in which Koen and Kris did a rap.