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Tiny Beat

Tiny Beat has been performing since 2006. He has performed at a range of musical and social events in bars, clubs, proms, festivals, etc. He participated in the 'Battle beatboxových' which he managed to win. He regularly also participates in the Czech Beatbox Battle, or beatbox championships,. He's always done well but managed to win this competition in 2012.

In 2010 he became a member of the beatbox crew BeatBurgerBand (Jaro Cossiga, Jony guy Peter Strenačik and Ondrej Ruml) on behalf DaSkarecords - (4x champions Czech Republic and world champions in team-beatbox). With BeatBurgerBand he participated in the television talent show Talentmania, where he reached the semifinals. Together with BeatBurgerBand he also recorded sounds for smartphones, then a TV advert for the Opel Corsa and he has performed at many events throughout the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the USA.

Tiny has worked with a range of musicians playing all kinds of musical genres from jazz, swing and blues through Hip Hop, Rock to electro. He played with several leading Czech DJs such as DJ Friky and DJ Flux from Team Trouble, DJ Rockstar and DJ Philip TBC. Combined with dancers beatbox breakdance, dance experiment (Kalli project Flying Steps), or with the best tap dancers in the world (Pavel Strouhal and Project Wings, Avalon Rathgeb - London, Michelle Dorrance - New York, Chloe Arnold - Los Angeles, Jason Samuels Smith - New Jersey). He has also made sounds for theatre and pantomimes.

Tiny has participated in various art projects, where he collaborated with artists from around the world. The biggest project that he's been involved in since 2012 is Instant Acts. This project was against violnce and racist multicultural project and did a two-month tour of German and Italian schools, theatres and correctional facilities.

These experiences enabled Tiny became a capable beatbox tutor. He is able to teach anyone regardless of age or nationality. Another great experience was a weekly workshop at Prague City Tap Festiva where he taught the basics of beatbox to dancers from around the world.

Currently, he dedicated to livelooping. It uses a Loopstation to record your voice and beats. He is able to substitute a whole band and plays music genres like Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, House, Electro ...

Tiny Beat is a young and ambitious artist who likes to try new things and is able to handle any kind of performance.

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