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Trung Bao Beatbox

Trung Bao

Trung Bao | Beatboxer Profile

Beatbox Name: Trung Bao

Full name: Trung Bao Nguyen

Country: Vietnam


Eccentric, innovative, and versatile are three words that best describe Trung Bao as an artist and as a beatboxer. Trung constantly seeks self-improvement and endlessly wishes to keep discovering new things that no one has found or done before.

Both his art and music is inspired by the prolific mind of the illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director, Ash Thorp. He also cites Dharni and Reeps One as his two favorite beatboxers.

First rule about beatbox, do not stress about beatbox. A healthy mind is the equivalent with healthy improvement, sustainability, and creation with expressive souls. - Trung Bao



►TOP 8 Asia Beatbox Championship 2016

►VICE CHAMPION American Beatbox Championship 2016

►TOP 4 Grand Beatbox Battle 2017

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