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Walter | Beatboxer Profile

Beatboxer Name: Walter

Full name: Walter Morales

Country: Mexico


Walter is a beatboxer from Mexico. Walter started beatboxing in french class, wanting to pass the time and didn't think much to improve.

Later he developed his style of various basses and alien sounds, showing a lot of variety of influences.

"I feel like my style can vary a lot. Almost every time I beatbox, I try to express the way I feel [at the moment] to the public. I feel like my style is based off melodies, not limiting the melodies to the voice. Also taking that meaning to the pitch in vibrations, bass, fx, etc."

In 2016, Walter traveled to Ohio to participate in his first international battle at Midwest Beatbox Battle. He made it into the battles, winner out over 100 participants that went through eliminations. He lost in his round against P-Red (Chicago) in the top 16 battles.

Later that year, Walter competed in the HBB Discord battle (World Online Beatbox Championships 2016). He won his first match against Nive (BC, Canada) but lost to Mr Dimple (Malaysia) in the quarter finals.

What do you want to achieve through beatbox?

I want to let more people know the art of beatboxing and know how to express themselves through this art. I want to inspire others to create something completely new, not base their sounds on others to have them get better.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

My biggest inspiration is definitely Timmeh. Every time I talk to him I just feel like I can do so much more with beatboxing.

All time favorite beatboxers are Alexinho, Kenny Urban, Villain, Gene and Reeps One.


►Top 16 - Midwest Beatbox Battle (2016)

►TOP 8 - World Online Beatbox Championships (2016)

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