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About the Baltic Coast Beatbox Battle

Event: Baltic Coast Beatbox Battle
Location: Lithuania
Years: 2018 - Present
Organizers: Lithuanian Beatbox Family, Swedish Beatbox Community


The first ever Baltic Coast Beatbox Battle was organized by the Lithuanian Beatbox Family and the Swedish Beatbox Community. This battle focuses on the communities found in countries that surround the Baltic Sea. Beatboxers from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Poland and Germany are allowed to enter the battle.

"The concept and idea is quite simple: to motivate and encourage the beatboxers from the Baltic Coast countries by giving them the opportunity to participate in an international battle. An opportunity many didn't had before." - Gneben, SBC Organizer

For the first BCBB, international judges were picked; B-Art, K.I.M. and Big Ben. The event had 53 wildcard submission, with 25 chosen to participate in the live elimination round. Slygrid from Lithuania, became the first Baltic Coast Champion, beating Flawapawa from Sweden in the finals. 

List of Champions

Solo Champions

Slygrid | Lithuania (2018)


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