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About The Irish Beatbox Championships

Event: Irish Beatbox Championships
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Years: 2014 - Present
Organizers: White Noise (Formerly), Dubsta (Formerly), Irish Beatbox Association (IBA)


The Irish beatbox scene started in 2009 at events like Kings of Concrete, where about fifteen beatboxers would regularly attend from all over Ireland. Since then, irish beatboxers would hold monthly jams, initially organised by White Noise, a beatboxer who competed at the first world beatbox championships.

The first official Irish champs was organized by Dylan “Dubsta” Isaiah in 2014 in Galway. Scorch won the battle, making him the first Irish Beatbox Champion.

The following year, the 2015 champs was held in Limerick, Ireland. That year, Amaron from Dublin won the title.

In 2016, the Irish champs was held in Dublin and was organized by the Irish Beatbox Association. Beatboxer Magic won, beating previous champ, Amaron, in the finals.

Though Irish beatboxers were allowed to compete in the UK champs, it was still important for the Irish Beatboxers to have a championship of their own. This was resolved with the UK champs and Beatbox Battle World Championship organizations, and Ireland will be represented in the next World Championships.


Scorch (2014)
Amaron (2015)
Magic (2016)
Magic (2017)


2016 Irish Finals | IBA Facebook | Event

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