About The American Beatbox Championships

Event: American Beatbox Championships
Location: New York City, NY, USA
Years: 2010 - Present
Organizers: Kid Lucky (Formerly), WBA (Formerly), The Beatbox House


Held in the birthplace of beatbox, the American Beatbox Championships started much later than its european counterparts in their own national championships. This was due to the culture of beatbox had already moved past the “battle” era in the late 80’s and 90’s. Though these early battles are not even recognizable from the modern battle culture viewpoint. But for the current beatboxers at the time to be able to compete in the world stage, the american beatboxers created the national championships.

In 2010, the first American championships took place in Brooklyn.

The American Beatbox Championships has been famous for allowing non-citizens to compete. In 2011, Rizumik, originally from Portugal, won the title of American champ, even though he was only living in New York under a work-visa. In 2016, Trung Bao from Vietnam, was attending college in the US, made it to the finals against Mark Martin.

In 2014, Adam Corre (Beatbox Television) and Steve Foxx (beatboxer, organizer) initiated regional qualifiers for the championships, holding battles in four areas of the United States. They, along with Shut Your Mouth and Beatbox and the west coast beatboxers, held four regional battles. The top two winners of the each battle would be automatically qualified for the national championships.

2014 would also mark as a pivotal year in the US beatbox scene, as the top 4 would go on to win many international battles in the coming years; Gene Shinozaki, Kenny Urban, Kaila Mullady and NaPoM. Later, the same four and two others in the top 16 from the same year would become the Beatbox House.

In 2016, Chesney Snow of the World Beatbox Association (WBA), passed the ownership of the championships to the Beatbox House.


Solo Champions

Frisco (2010)
Rizumik (2011)
JFlo (2012)
Beat Rhino (2013)
NaPoM (2014)
NaPoM (2015)
Mark Martin (2016)


Kaila Mullady (2014-16)

Tag Team

K-Pom (2014)
SpiderHorse (2015)
SpiderHorse (2016)


2016 ABC Champ Finals | ABC | Event

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