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beatbox canada

Beatbox Canada

Beatbox Canada is the official organizer of beatbox events in Canada

BeatboxCan was formed in 2010 to push the art form of vocal percussion across the country through battles, workshops, jams, tutorials, and content. They also host the annual Canadian Beatbox Championships, which stands as one of the most anticipated battles every year. BeatboxCan also unites the beatbox community by providing a platform to showcase incredibly talented artists in Canada and continue to represent Canada on an international stage as a force of diversity and culture.

BeatboxCan prides themselves with these 5 values:

  • Unite the beatbox community and showcase the underrated art of vocal percussion
  • Represent Canada on an international stage
  • Respect the art as part of the human narrative and musician
  • Inspire talent to pursue new ways of artistic expression
  • Measure talent through nationwide competition, workshops, and tutorials

Where you can find them:

Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter


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