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Beatbox International

Beatbox International aims to promote high-quality beatboxers from the UK

On April 2015, Tpot founded Beatbox International, a UK-based online community, with hopes to highlight undiscovered beatbox talent from all around the world through video content. However, it all started when he gathered interest on the Human Beatbox facebook page, asking members to join a WhatsApp group.

It quickly picked up steam and shortly thereafter, they launched a YouTube channel, asking the members of the group to upload videos so they could archive moments together and ultimately carry a collection of videos they can look back at and enjoy for themselves as close friends.

On November 2015 at the UK Championships, Ttpot met Puls8, another UK based beatboxer, and decided to team up to push Beatbox International with a newly found goal of promoting high-quality UK beatboxers by uploading shoutouts sent in from their global member base.

Justin Tan from Malaysia jumped right in to promote the community and began to gather more members and videos in every way he could. It took roughly 18 months without Justin to reach their first 1,000 subscribers and 2 months with him to double that.

They continue to push great video content with hopes to not only highlight the unearthed talent in the UK, but to a larger global audience as their name suggests.

The Team:

Tpot: Founder and Chief Editor

Puls8: Marketing Director

Justin Tan: International Representative

Where you can find them:

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Website


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