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Beatbox-Rap | Teamspeak

Beatbox-rap is one of the largest online beatbox communities hosting exciting battles on Teamspeak

Beatbox-rap launched in July 2013 to provide a platform for beatboxers, DJ's, rappers, and vocalists to showcase their skills through teamspeak, a popular voice communication software used primarily by gamers. Since their launch, their beatbox platform has grown to be the most successful with an incredibly active user base, fostering a myriad of talented beatboxers from all over the world. They stand for online support and often give each other lessons.


Daily Beatbox Battles:

"Daily beatbox battles" are more casual battles hosted every day except Saturdays. Winners of these battles will go on to collect points for every win and are then qualified for the BBX Kings tournament. There are 3 jury members, all who have won battles before, judging two 60-second rounds based on musicality, technicality, and flow in an ABAB format. Overtime consists of one 30-second round from each contestant.

7 To Smoke Battles:

The 7-To-Smoke beatbox battles are held every Saturday. These battles are round-robin style where each respective battler has only one round and the winner stays on. The winner will then go down the line to battle other competitors in order until he loses, then will proceed to make his way to the back of the line. The first person to win a total of 7 battles is crowned champion.

BBX Kings:

BBX Kings are the larger battles held every two months where the top 16 ranked beatboxers from the daily beatbox battles and the 7-To-Smoke Battles compete against each other to be crowned "BBX King." At the end of the year, the top 3 beatboxers with the most points from the 6 BBX King tournaments are provided winner badges.

How do you join?

  1. Download and install teamspeak here
  2. Use the push-to-talk setting and create a username
  3. Join the server ""
  4. Beatbox on!
  5. Detailed instructions

Where you can find them:

Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

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