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Beatnation Malaysia


Push possibilities and break boundaries with Beatnation!

In 2011, Lau Soong Huey (ABeatC) and Cody Foo (Coex) founded Beatnation, an organization pushing the Malaysian beatbox community and its artists to the international scene. Beatnation hosts regional championships and continues to collect silverware since 2012.

Beatnation stands for empowering urban culture through their action. Within the South East Asian beatbox culture, Beatnation stands as one of the most instrumental organizations to lead the front lines in the rapidly growing Malaysian community, hosting thousands of members across the nation. As the future is a great unknown, Beatnation now moves toward a bigger dream, to unify community, to extend into different specialities, to work with each other, pushing possibilities and breaking boundaries.

They continue to look into the future optimistically, carrying a much larger dream. Their main goal is to unify the community, expand the artform, encourage cooperation, and to ultimately "push possibilities and break boundaries."

The team:

Chief Executive Officer: Lau Soong Huey (AbeatC)

Chief Executive Officer: Coex Foo (Coex)

Chief Operational Officer: Azim Gilo

Where you can find them:

Official Website | Facebook | [email protected]


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