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Bosnia and Herzegovina Beatbox Community

Beatbox became popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina around 2009-2010. Young beatboxers started to record their own clips and shared them with their friends. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that survived a tough war from 1992-1995. A country in which you have to fight to survive , so things like music and beatboxing were left in last place and nobody tried to make something out of it.

To us young beatboxers it’s hard to bring beatboxing to a higher level. But, we don’t give up and some day we gonna step up on the stage! Adnan “X3ME” Pacoli and Haris “EMK” Sadiković have a mission: To bring the beatbox scene to the higher level. Just like the beatbox scene, the Hip Hop scene isn’t very developed in our country. So we don’t have jams and battles etc. We hope that the situation is going to change, because it would be easier for us and others that want to engage in music.

Our primary mission is to organize “Beatbox Battle Balkan” in closer future. That means we would like to invite our neigbor countries like Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia to our first offical beatbox battle. We follow the work of the most popular beatboxers like Reeps One, Skiller, krNfx, Alem and others. We are trying to get on their level, even if that is pretty hard. We hope that we will meet in future in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in other countrys in which beatbox conventions and battles are being organized. Our message to all beatboxers in the world is: “Love , Peace and Beatbox!”


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