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Hong Kong Beatbox

HK Beatbox

HK Beatbox is the official organizer of beatbox events in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Beatbox (HKB) launched in 2014 and stands as the official association for the Hong Kong beatbox community. They host largely successful beatbox events annually, hosting numerous world-class beatbox artists to lead workshops, perform showcases, and judge battles. HK Beatbox also provides resources and events for local beatboxers to collaborate and perform with musicians in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

HK Beatbox is also proud to own the largest beatbox school in Asia, hosting over 150 students from all ages ranging from 6 to 55. The association is committed to continually pushing the beatbox scene across Asia, and are consistently hosting workshops in universities, secondary schools, and primary schools.

In 2015, HK partnered with TW Beatbox and Japan Beatbox Association to form Asia Beatbox and hosted the first Asia Beatbox Championships.

Where you can find them:

Facebook | Youtube | [email protected]

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