About La Cup

Event: La Cup
Location: France
Years: 2010 - Present
Organizers: K.I.M. (and Friends)


A widely known beatbox battle for its team format, the event has had a wide range of styles over the years.

The event was first held in 2010, in a small town near Paris, France. Originally called the Beatbox Battle Maurepas, named after the town it was held. The battle has been an international event almost every year, with the exception to the France Team battles in 2015.

In 2013, the event changed its name to La Cup and was the first international team battle, with teams of four from the eight major european beatbox countries; Russia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, and England.

In 2014, the event became intercontinental by including beatboxers from Asia and North America. This solo battle included beatboxers from the USA, Canada, Taiwan, and Japan.

2015 marked the first year La Cup was not an international battle, but was a French regional tournement, pitting teams from Northern (Team Nord), Southern (Team Sud), Eastern (Team Est) and Western (Team Ouest) France.

In 2016, La Cup was held in Brussels, Belgium, marking the first time the event was held outside of France. It was also the first team qualifier battle, with two beatboxers from eight european countries, with six previously not included in the first team battle in 2013.


Alem (France, 2010)
Alem (France, 2011)
Polo (France, 2012)
Team Germany (Germany, 2013)
Efaybee (France, 2014)
Team Est (East France, 2015)
Team Austria (Austria, 2016)

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