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2015 American Human Beatbox Festival

La MaMa's American Human Beatbox Festival
February 26, 27, 28, March 1st

Thursday night February 26
Dancers of The Voice
A night of dance combined with human Beatboxing! This night will start a new movement of vocal music and dance combinations we promise you that!

Akim Funk Buddha
Akim funk Buddha combines beatboxing, beatrhyming and tap into a one man show that will leave you speechless! Having worked with the top beatboxers like Rahzel and top dancers like Bill T. Jones. Akim is the top notch performer when it comes to entertaining and educating the crowd!

Africano from North Carolina is a remarkable beatboxer, b-boy, and entertainer. He has been blowing up the whole NYC with his spirit of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. He fully reps Zulu Nation and is all about the children. He is a true leader. His artistic abilities are fine tuned and exploding.

Chief69 and The Universal Zulu Nation Bboys and Beatrhyme Communication Beatrhymers
B-boys and b-girls repping Zulu Nation are provided music by an all vocal freestyle session. These two styles are meant for each other and once you see and hear the collab we promise a reaction of pure joy.

Friday night Night
Mixed Vocal Arts Cipher Session!
Are you a whistler, beatboxer, Beatrhymer, scatter, Yodeler, Tuvan throat singer, spoken word artist, rapper, vocal tabla artist we want you to participate in our mixed vocal arts cipher! Vocal jam session of epic proportions! With a performance from that powerhouse group Nu Voices!

Nu Voices Voicestra
Kid Lucky
Marya Lawrence
Gordon "Frequency" Ramsey
Jane LeCroy
Baba Israel
Sylvana Joyce
Pete List
Bruce Mack
Hosted By Kid Lucky

Saturday Night
Beatrhyme Battle
A beatrhymer is a person who can beatbox and rap at the same time.
They combine beats sound effect and rhyme flow into one. This style essentially started with Biz Markie in NYC who is from Long Island with his hit classic "Make the Music with your Mouth Biz" in 1986.
27 years later beatrhyming is starting to take popular form within beatboxing.
Beatrhyme coined and popularized by beatrhyming pioneer Kid Lucky has been popping up in different spots all over America. This is the third year Lamama Theater recognizes beatrhyming as not a next step in beatboxing but a vocal artform all it's own. We promise you have never seen battling like this before!
Hosted by
Kid Lucky

The Hip Hop Subway Series teams up with La MaMa Theater and Pregones Theatre
To bring an exciting collab of dancing, beatboxing, and rapping mixed with theatrics that will leave you speechless. We are meeting at Great Jones Space and will be in a moving jam session to the uptown 6 train at Bleeker to 125th street where all parties will come together on the platform for an amazing hip hop cipher!

Sponsored in part by Funkadelic Studios


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