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Ball-Zee Beatbox Workshop

UNITY Charity & Beatbox Canada present:


Come join in on the fun as The Reining 3X UK Beatbox Champion BALL-ZEE holds this FREE BEATBOX WORKSHOP!!! Learn some of the tricks of the trade and up your skills and Beatbox knowledge!!! It's your chance to ask him anything about beatbox, performances, mic techniques might even learn that killer lazer!!

This is going down just before the doors open at the MOD CLUB for the UNITY 2 VS 2 BEATBOX BATTLE!!! Come one come all!!! We welcome all beatboxers and fans of beatboxing at all levels from beginners to pros...

Let's unite as a community and welcome Mr. Ball-Zee to our side of the pond!!

Location: Virgin Mobile Mod Club (upstairs room)

Time: 5p-6p

Details: just show up at the door and we'll get you in.
After the workshop, we ask that you go back outside to line up for the 2014 UNITY 2 VS 2 BEATBOX BATTLE!!!

Cost: FREE!

Beatbox epic-ness is about to unfold this Wednesday!!!!

Hope to see you all there!!


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