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2012 Toronto Beatbox Battle & Convention

KRNFX Presents: The 2012 Toronto Beatbox Battle & Convention

Beatbox artists from across North America compete for the title of Toronto Beatbox Battle Champion in a head-to-head tournament style Beatbox Battle. Geared towards providing a platform for the new-school generation of up and coming beatboxers.

The winner will receive a BEATBOX BATTLE AKG D5 Microphone

Competitors please arrive by 6 pm to sign-up and be briefed.

*There is no age limit or regional restriction to compete or attend this event*



-must be registered by no later than 7 pm
-each competitor receives a 60 second elimination round to showcase their skills
-top 16 competitors will move onto the next round and battle an opponent based on their elimination round score
-2 rounds each level
-battle rounds are 45 seconds and increase by 15 seconds each level

Judging Criteria: (Based upon the O.U.R. System)

Quality Levels-
* Foundation: The sense of rhythm, groove and ability to create/maintain a beat.

* Originality: The creativity and artistry of the beats.

* Dynamics: The difficulty and complexity of the beats.

* Execution: The cleanliness and perfection of the sounds and beats.

* Battle: The response and animosity towards your opponent(Only used in face-to-face rounds).

-Each Judge is assigned to one category only
-The Judge is determining the quality level of each round
-Each quality level is given a score for every throwdown, round by round. The scores are:

* Excellent= 5 points

* Good= 4 points

* Average= 3 points

* Poor= 2 points

* None= 1 point

* The round scores are added up after the battle to determine who wins each individual category.

* The winner is determined by who wins the majority of the five categories unless there is a tie.

* In the case of a tie, all the category scores are added together and the winner will be determined by the combined categories total score.

Guest Judges: KRNFX(Originality), Scott Jackson(Foundation), KILLABEATZ(Dynamics), ShaolinMilk(Execution), Organik(Battle)


When: Friday, February 3rd - Doors open at 6:00 pm.

Where: The Cave - 860 College Street (West of Ossington)

Cover: $10


Competitors please arrive by 6pm to sign-up and be briefed.

Sponsored by:

- KRNFX: 2010 & 2011 Canadian Beatbox Champion - -

- KING OF THE DOT: Canada's Premier Rap Battle League - -

- BEATBOX CANADA: Home of the Annural Canadian Beatbox Championships - -


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