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2014 Portugal Beatbox Battle Elimination

Qualifying Lisbon / Setúbal, on 8 June in Santiago Alchemist!

The National Beatbox Championships takes place every year n Portugal.

PBB runs various district and regional battles (live) in the districts culminating in a large national final, with the 16 highest scores from around the league. Adjudicators evaluate creativity and originality, technique, flow artist, evaluates posture, image and developments throughout the championship.


Adel Belghali (DZCrash)
António Graça (Counter B)
Braulio Beatbox
Márcio Geovani (GEO)
Guilherme de Sá (Naskal)
Maria João Vaz (JohnydaBass)
Lucas Cardoso (APK)
Miguel Carvalho (Scam Beatbox)
Pedro Peres (Peres)
João Silva (JDRS)
Alexandre Emanuel (Himan)


1ºLUGAR: € 1,000.00 (Thousand Euros) + National Cup
2nd Place: RC505 + by Roland National Cup
3rd place: RC 30 + by Roalnd National Cup


Send to ([email protected]) the following information / content:

Wildcard / video beatbox (1.30min minimum / maximum 2min) with the text: Portugal Beatbox Battle Hello, I am representing the district (...), call me (...) I (...) years and this is my wildcard for the 2014 national championship beatbox Send photo, word document with full name, stage name, date of birth, full address, email, telephone and a short bio (or as learned the art). An easy way to send the video through the site

Minimum age: 13 years
Date: 01-31 March;
Selection phase from 01 to 31 March. Maximum 16 competitors (by district) are selected and join the competition!


Once selected, the 16 competitors, by district, CNB2014 (National Beatbox Championships 2014) must validate your entry:

Validation of registration without Transport * BB: 10 €
Validation of registration with BB Transport: € 20
Kit Offer: 1 T-shirt PBB + 1 BB Neck Ribbon Medal of participation CNB2014

Late Registration without Transport * BB: 15 €
Late Registration with Transport * BB: 30 €


  • Wilson Beatbox (
  • Tiago Grade (
  • Robinho Beatbox (
  • LS (
  • Pablo Beatbox
  • Zack Person

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