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2015 American Beatbox Championship - 1v1


  • 14+ (Please confirm with venue this is acceptable for performers.)
  • Register by emailing [email protected] or before start of event.
  • Check-in required before start of event.
  • Names drawn from a hat or bucket to determine open elimination order.
  • Elimination rounds will be 2 minutes minimum and 3 minutes maximum.
  • Any beatboxer that stops before reaching the 2 minute mark or does not stop after the 3 minute warning will be disqualified.
  • Judges will score contestants according to certain criteria.
  • There will be 5 different categories of criteria.
  • Each category can be scored 1-10 (Highest score is 50.)
  • The Sixteen (16) highest ranked contestants will advance to the battles.


  • The Top 16 contestants will battle according to rank / score.
  • One contestant will be allowed to choose the coin flip. The contestant who wins the initial coin flip will be allowed to choose who goes first.
  • Quarter and Semi-Finals will be 1:30 (one minute; thirty seconds) rounds.
  • Finals will be 2:00 (two minute) rounds.
  • ABAB Format; Meaning Beatboxer A goes first for 1:30, then Beatboxer B goes second for 1:30, then Beatboxer A goes again for 1:30, with one last reply from Beatboxer B for 1:30.
  • Judges are allowed 3 overtime rounds, which can be used at any time during any battle, but must be agreed amongst the majority of judges.
  • During overtime rounds, Beatboxer B will go first for :30 seconds, then one final response from Beatboxer A for :30 seconds.
  • The contestant who receives the most votes from the judges panel will move on to the next battle round.
  • Judges will be given voting cards to make their decisions, which will be held up after each battle.
  • If at least 2 of the 3 judges call a tie, overtime will be given.
  • If 2 judges vote for Beatboxer A and the 3rd judge votes a tie, Beatboxer A will be decided as the winner.
  • If 1 judge votes for Beatboxer A and another judge votes for Beatboxer B, but the 3rd judge votes a tie, an overtime round will be given.


  • The Top 8 battles are the ‘Quarter-Finals’.
  • The Top 4 battles are the ‘Semi-Finals’.
  • The Final 2 contestants will compete in the ‘Finals’.
  • There will be a battle for 3rd place between the 2 beatboxers eliminated from the Semi-Final round. (1:30 rounds)
  • The battle for 3rd will take place directly before the Final battle.
  • Only ONE (1) Microphone will be used for the battles. (Aside from MC/host)
  • Once this level has been adjusted and agreed upon by the contestants, it MUST remain the same throughout the night.
  • After Beatboxer A has reached his time limit, the microphone should be passed immediately to Beatboxer B with little to no lapse in time.
  • One person will be the dedicated time-keeper for the night, responsible for keeping time during battles (2:00, 1:30, :30, etc.) and a 5 second warning or countdown using hand signals (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, TIME!)
  • After the time is up, the microphone will be passed to the next beatboxer or back to the Emcee (MC) at the end of battle.
  • Winners (Top 8) from Open Elimination will be announced shortly after completion of the Open Elimination rounds, prior to the battles.
  • Judges will use cue cards to determine the winner after each battle.
  • Cards will be RED or BLUE to select a winner and YELLOW for a tie.

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