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2015 World Championship - Tag Team

The Beatbox Battle World Championship take place at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin from 29.-31.05.2015. More than 150 beatboxing artists from all over the globe will show there vocal percussion skills in a official contest. Expect some serious face to face battles in five different categories and enjoy the human beatbox showcases of your favorite mouth musicians.

Tag Team Battle

Elimination Round – 13 Teams 1 x 120 Seconds

Semi Final -4 Teams 2 x 90 Seconds

  • TAG Team Semi-final. Fabulous Wadness (France) vs 4xSample (Germany). The winner was 4xSample.
  • TAG Team Semi-final TwenTeam'8 (Fra) vs Kapom (USA) Kapom won.

Final Round -2 Teams 2 x 90 Seconds

  • TAG Team Final TwenTeam'8 (Fra) vs 4xSample (Ger) The winner was TwenTeam'8

Friday 29th May 2015 – Astra Kulturhaus

16:00pm – Doors Open
16:30pm – Opening Ceremony: DJ Mesia
16:50pm – Showcase: Penkyx (Belgium)
17:00pm – Men Battle: Elimination
21:30pm – Female Battle: Elimination
22:40pm – Showcase: Tom Thum (Australia)

22:50pm – Tag Team Battle: Elimination

23:30pm – Crew Battle: Elimination
00:40am – Showcase: ZeDe (Australia) & Skiller (2012 World Champion)
01:00am – End

Saturday 30th May 2015 – Astra Kulturhaus

16:00pm – Doors Open
17:00pm – Announcing of the qualified artists

17:15pm – Tag Team Battle: Semi-Finals & Final

17:45pm – Crew Battle: Final
18:00pm – Showcase: Pete the Beat (Germany) & Pe4enkata (2012 Women’s Champion)
18:20pm – Men Battle: Best 16
19:40pm – Showcase: Dharni (2013 and 2014 GBBB Winner) & Roxorloops
20:00pm – Female Battle: Quarterfinal
21:00pm – Men Battle: Quarterfinal
22:00pm – Showcase: Reeps One (UK)
22:20pm – Female Battle: Semi-Finals & Final
22:50pm – Men Battle: Semi-Final & Final
23:20pm – Showcase: Eklips
23:40pm – Winner Ceremony
00:00am – Afterparty: TyTe (UK)


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  1. TyTe 30 May, 2015 at 07:54

    Judged the eliminations last night… WOW! Blown away. Oniisan set the bar very high with some incredible back-and-forth play and crowd control. They even got everyone to sit down during the performance! Highlights for me were Fabulous Wadness, 4xSample and Twenteam’8. The interplay, showmanship and technicality was incredible. Hats off to these guys. However for SHEER FATNESS the eliminations were owned by K-Pom. With Kenny’s top end and Napom’s building-toppling bass everyone in the house was screaming and waving and going ballistic. Can’t wait for the finals today! 🙂

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