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2015 West Coast Beatbox Championship

POSE CREW alnog with DS9 STUDIOS presents:
The West Coast Beatbox Championships in Compton CA,
$1000.00 cash prize to the winner!! gear give aways and most importantly the crowning of the West Coast Champion. Dont miss out on this epic event of a life time!

ROUND TIMES will be as follows;
PRE-LIMS: 1 - 45 second round each.
ALL OTHER ROUNDS *except finals* 2 - 1:30 second rounds each (3min each in total a 6 min battle per 2 competitiors)
FINALS: 4 - 45 sec rounds each. yes you got that right, four- 45 sec rounds each. bring your A -game and BE SURE TO STRATEGIZE FOR THE ROUND TIMES. May the best beats win, and may the beats be with you all!!!!
This will be an all ages event so bring the whole family!!

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