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Battle of the Fifth Element

Battle of the 5th Element is the first Beatbox event / competition to ever be held at a YouTube Space anywhere in the world. Battle of the 5th Element, organized and directed by Adam Andrew Corre of Beatbox Television is an international beatbox competition featuring some of the best and most well known vocal percussion talent from all around the world.
Directed, Produced and Organized by Adam Andrew Corre.

Co-Produced by Gable Johnson and Kris Friedl.

With Sponsorship by Red Bull, Two Boots Pizza, New England Beatbox, Cluster Concepts and Fat Buddha.

Camera by Adam Andrew Corre, Simon Liu and Mike Larry Draw.

Video Editing by Adam Andrew Corre.

Sound Production and Mixing by Craig Bundy.

Lighting by Will Hansen.

Projection by Emre Emirgil.

Production Strategy by Audrey Kim, Julia Guidera and Adam Andrew Corre.

Hosted by Patrick Cucuta.

Jury by Lethal FX, Tony C and Bloomer.

Live DJ by Ricky Menyu Quintana.

Showcases by K-Pom, B-Art and Dharni.

Crowd Control by Katy Gunslinger and Mark Martin.

Shot on location at YouTube Space / New York.

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