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2013 Emperor of Mic

The Emperor of Mic Beatbox brings the finest Beatboxer`s Worldwide to Graz.

Judges 2013

  • Ball-Zee (The Emperor of MiC 2012)
  • Dharni (The Emperor of MiC 2011)
  • Lytos (The Emperor of MiC 2010)
  • neXor (Chiefjudge EoM)
  • Skiller (World Champion 2012)
  • Zede (World Champion 2009)

The Battlesystem

There is no qualifying. The Battle start`s with the K.O.-System.

Starting with Quarter finals, Semi finals and Grand Finals.

The Winner of the Grand Final will be the new "Emperor of Mic".

Also the Winner will be invited to every EoM Event for his hole life.

Quarter Finals: 2 x 90 sec. (8 Beatboxer)

Semi Finals: 2 x 90 sec. (4 Beatboxer)

Final 3&4 Place: 2 x 90 sec. (2 Beatboxer)

Grand Final: 2 x 90 sec. (2 Beatboxer)

The Performance will be jugde by Style, Technic, Show, Originality and Time.


  • Chief Executive Officer: Oliver Haditsch
  • EoM Beatboxer Management: Ivory Parker


TV-Web-Network-Media production

Mag. phil. Günther Franz Ferstl

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