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Grand Beatbox Battle 2016

It's Back! Grand Beatbox Battle 2016

The Grand Beatbox Battle is an annual international battle hosted by SwissBeatbox and BScene Clubfestival. These showcase battles have been a huge hit since 2009 and have continued to showcase the top beatboxers across the globe. This year’s event will be hosted by Scott Jackson of Canada accompanied by DJ Nathansbraten leading the sound.

There are three categories for battles: Showcase Solo Battles, Loopstation Battles, and the newly introduced Tag-Team Battles (2v2).

Showcase Solo Battles

The showcase battles begin with all fifteen contestants performing a 4 minute long set. The top 4 contestants are then chosen to battle it out in a semi-final round, in two 90-second rounds. The winners of the semi-finals then compete in a final and the losers will compete in a small-final for the 3rd and 4th place spots.

Here’s this year’s roster:

Pash | Russia

Bloomer | USA

Beat Rhino | USA

Cosmin | USA

Bataco | Japan

Kenny Urban | USA


Kaila | USA

Jayton | Russia

Efaybee | France

Gene | USA

Babeli | Germany

Zhang Ze | China

Funkaztek | Switzerland

Arthur Henry | Switzerland

Loopstation Battles

The top 8 loopers from around the globe and are chosen to battle each other on the biggest stage of the year. Each battler will have two 3-minute rounds in a battle showcasing their most creative and musical tracks. The winners of each bracket will progress to the semi finals and the finals. The losers of the semi finals will compete in a small-final for the 3rd and 4th place spots.

This year’s bracket was chosen at random.

Here’s this year’s roster:

MB14 | France

Wawad | France

Oxbox | United Kingdom

Tioneb | France

Gon | Lithuania

Thorsen | Denmark

Ibarra | Netherlands

Tag-Team Battles (2v2)

Tag-Team battles are making a debut this year, where 8 international tag-teams will be competing against each other in two 90-second rounds performing sets together. The contestants were chosen by invitation only. The top 4 were chosen after their showcase.

Here’s this year’s roster:

K-POM (Kenny Urban / NaPoM) USA

Mad Twinz (Pash / Jayton) RUS

Power Couple (Kaila / Mark Martin) USA

Polyrhythm (B-Art / Timmeh) NED

Spiderhorse (Gene / Chris Celiz) USA

Fabulous Wadness (Wawad / Beatness) FRA

Shadow Sumo (K.I.M. / Big Ben) FRA / BEL

Costik Storm (Efaybee & Alexinho) FRA


Alem: World Champion 2015 | France

Skiller: World Champion 2012 | Bulgaria

Zede: World Champion 2009 | Switzerland

Reeps One: Legend | United Kingdom

Bee Low: Beatbox Battle TV | Germany

Mando: GBBB Loopstation Champion 2015 | Germany

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