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2014 Swiss Beatbox Championship


This year we have:

  • Solo battle
  • Team battle
  • Looper battle

To participate at the Swiss Beatbox championship 2014 send your beatbox démo ( 2 min ), mail, beatbox-name, âge, name and adresse to [email protected]

System of the contest solo ( looper and team coming soon )

In the Elemination Round each participant showed up a two minute solo set to show and proof his vocal skills in front of the jury members on stage.

The eight best of the Elimination Round qualify for the face to face Battles in the Quarterfinals where each artist had to show and proof 2 beatboxing sessions of 90 seconds. The participant with the highest score competes against the 8th participant, the 2nd best against the 7th participant, the 3rd best against the 6th participant and the 4th best against the 5th participant.

The four best participants of the Quarterfinals qualify for the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Finals consists of two couples which each perform 2 sessions of 90 seconds beatboxing. Beatboxer “A” gives a go, Beatboxer “B” answers, again Beatboxer “A” who gets an answer from Beatboxer “B”.

The two winners of the Semi-Finals qualify for the Final Round which also has a time limit of 2 x 90 seconds for each participant in the face to face modus.

Rules of the contest

  • All sounds that are made out of the human organs are allowed.
  • Dangerous body contacts will lead to immediate event disqualification.
  • There are two microphones available at the contest which will be set on a uniformly level by the jury to make sure that
  • all participants compete on the same conditions.
  • Minimum age: 16 years

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