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Beatbox Ireland - September Jam

Booked a rehearsal room for the jam on Saturday September 8th. 2:30pm-6:00pm in Temple Lane Rehearsal Studios, beside The Button Factory/Temple Bar Music Centre in Dublin.

The rehearsal room is just a space with a PA sound system and a few mics. I've used the rooms loads of times before, they're perfect for this. We'll do some friendly jamming, and maybe go for pints after.

People will be asked to throw in about a fiver each to cover the cost of the room.

* - One thing - I'd like to keep it to beatboxers only so please don't bring mates in tow if it can be avoided at all. If they're giving you a lift or something maybe we can squeeze them in, but be warned, they'll still be asked to throw in a fiver for the room. *

Please confirm if you can make it. Any questions drop me an email/text/private message etc. People coming in from outside Dublin might want to drop me a line and get my mobile number beforehand in case you get lost etc.

The jamming at Kings of Concrete was great craic, so want to elevate that and kick it on a decent sound system this time.

Hope to see you guys there,

- Cian / White Noise, Beatbox Ireland
[email protected]

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