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Beatboxing Day (2nd Annual)

#BeatBoxingDay is on December 26th. It's purpose is to bring awareness to the creative and artistic expression known as beatboxing.

Introducing the first ever #BeatBoxingDay on December 26th, 2014. #BeatBoxingDay is a “grassroots” global celebration of the art of beatboxing and the power of our voice. It’s purpose is to unify beatboxers from around the world to bring awareness to the transformative and artistic expression of beatboxing. #BeatBoxingDay encourages children of all ages from around the world to express their joy of beatboxing on December 26th and use the hashtag #BeatBoxingDay. You don’t need to be a professional beatboxer to get involved. We are encouraging anyone who loves beatboxing to create a video and share it for all to enjoy!

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