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World Beatbox Camp (2017)

Beatbox goes to camp!

Background info:

For the first time since BoxCon, the beatbox community welcomes with open arms an international event that is not focused on battling, but improving individual skills and comraderie as a community. With legendary camp counselors and over 300 beatboxers from all around the world attending, World Beatbox Camp (WBC) is gearing up to be the biggest event of the year.

WBC is the brainchild of the Beatbox Guru himself, Dharni, who has teamed up with his friends over at SwissBeatbox to make Beatbox Camp happen.

“And shoutout to Aga (Project Manager, Agnieszka Zacny) for all her hard work.” - Dharni.

This ten-day camp will take place in Krakow, Poland.

Why Poland?

Poland is a booming and young country. The cost of living is cheap compared to many other European countries, where the young crowds and forward minded cities provide of a more party mentality. The event itself will be held at Krakow’s University of Technology in the very heart of Krakow.

Day in the life of a Beatbox Camper

We couldn't wait, so we asked Dharni himself:

“A day would run like this. You wake up from your dormitory in the university, and you go for breakfast, then you go for beatbox classes taught by the best beatboxers ever. You make new friends, you go jam, go for classes again and all the way till the evening, there will be always different types of exciting beatbox battles each night. Imagine GBBB magic everyday! Then you go for the after party with Fair Play Dance Camp where beatboxers get to meet all types of dancers and party together! Every night!”

The line-up of instructors is what really excited us about Beatbox Camp. Dharni has accumulated some of the best in the Beatbox World to teach here.

Imagine learning beatbox from not only national beatbox Champions, but Grand Beatbox and World Champions! Learn how to make a successful career from beatboxing from people that do make a living from beatboxing and learn the latest tips and trick to looping.

In the evenings, there will be a different style of beatbox battles, from solo to tag team, to seven to smoke and fantasy battles and more. We also hear there will be an opportunity to beatbox for a dance battle!

Here are the details:

When? August 6th - 16th, 2017

Where? Politechnika Krakowska, Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków, Poland


Tickets are tiered based on workshop access, and accommodation and meals.

Buy your workshop package HERE.

Tier Breakdown Limited Package Unlimited Package VIP Package
Number of Workshops 8 Workshops Unlimited Unlimited
Required Reservations        for Workshops Yes Yes No Queue
Price with       Accommodation and Meals 350 Euros 450 Euros 650 Euros
Price without Accommodation and Meals 150 Euros 250 Euros 450 Euros

Hosts and Special Guests:

Scott Jackson | 2012 Canadian Beatbox Champion

BBK | 2x Canadian Beatbox Champion

BeeLow | Beatbox Battle Network


Rahzel | Professional Musician, Formerly The Roots

Reeps One | 2x UK Beatbox Champion, Artist

Dharni | 2x Grand Beatbox Champion

Alem | 2015 Beatbox World Champion

Skiller | 2012 Beatbox World Champion

Ball Zee | 3x UK Beatbox Champion, Beatbox Collective

Faya Braz | Grand Beatbox Loopstation Champion

80Fitz | Artist, Social Media Star

Slizzer | 2x Austrian Beatbox Champion

Blady Kris | Polish Beatbox Champion

The Beatbox House | Amit, Chris Celiz, Gene, Kaila, Kenny Urban, Napom

Berywam | French Beatbox Crew Champions

Mad Twinz | Grand Beatbox Tag Team Champions

Penkyx | Professional musician, Looper

Saro | Grand Beatbox Loopstation Champion

For more info on World Beatbox Camp:

Facebook | Event Page | Instagram | Tickets


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