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You Are Here - a documentary by Adam Andrew Corre follows the story of Verbal Ase as he sets out into the world become a professional beatboxer.

"The film follows the story of Verbal Ase​ as he sets out into the world for the first time as he tries to establish himself as a professional / working beatbox artist. This is something I know we can all relate to as beatbox artists trying to earn a living doing what we love. but this is not just about being a beatboxer or performer. The film is about the decisions we make in life, are we going to go after what it is we want? what are the things that will stand in the way? will we let them? weather you want to be a beatboxer, an engineer, a teacher or maybe be a good parent and provide for your family, these are the questions as human beings we will all at one point or another ask ourselves. Making this film, I went through many of the same emotions and obstacles as Ase. I hope in the end you can find a little bit of yourself in this project. This is Ase's story, its my story, its your story. Know what you want for yourself and go after it with all you have."

Directed by Adam Andrew Corre
Featuring the story of Verbal Ase
Produced, edited and filmed by Adam A. Corre
Music by Verbal Ase
Sound Production by Adam Andrew Corre.
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Shot on location in New York City


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