• Scratching defined.


    Scratching is the sound made by moving a vinyl record backwards and forwards under a stylus at a speed different to the playing speed of the record. Beatboxers emulate the ...
  • Roll defined.


    In beatboxing, a roll is a fast sequence of sounds used as a flourish within or at the end of a beatboxing beat pattern. For example, { B d B ...
  • Percussion defined.


    Percussion is the collective term for sounds that are hit, struck or shaken. In beatboxing we use the term to mean sounds other than parts of a drum kit such ...
  • Oscillation defined.


    An oscillation is a continuous sound that is produced repetitively by cycling a single beatboxing sound. Slower oscillations produce low frequency or low pitch sounds. High oscillations produce high frequency ...
  • Kick defined.


    The kick drum is the large round drum found on a drum kit that is hit with a mallet triggered by a foot pedal - hence being called a 'kick' ...
  • Instrument defined.


    In beatboxing we refer to instruments as beatboxing sounds that emulate real acoustic instruments such as trumpets or harmonicas. We do not use the word instrument for synth or bass ...
  • Cymbal defined.


    A cymbal is a metal disc used on a drum kit that when hit with a stick or brush creates a long, metallic sound.
  • Hi-hat

    A hi-hat is a type of cymbal found on a drum kit. It is two cymbals facing each other that can be pushed together or apart using a foot pedal. ...
  • Bass defined.


    Bass is a word that can have multiple meanings. Bass literally means low frequency or pitch. In beatboxing, bass is a low frequency sound used to create a bass line.