• Level up defined.

    Level Up

    'Level up' is a term used among beatboxers to express their improvement in their beatboxing abilities, whether it's perfecting a new sound or crafting a new routine. "Alexinho has really ...
  • Read the definition for beatbusking!


    The term beatbusking is a combination of beatboxing and busking. Put simply, beatbusking is street performing for money. The beatbusker positions themselves in a pedestrian area of a city, for ...
  • Latency defined


    Latency is a time delay between playing and hearing live sound, usually caused by monitoring through a computer. What you want when monitoring is what we call zero latency (i.e. ...
  • Multivocalism defined.


    Multivocalism describes the collective process of beatboxing, sound imitation, singing and more - basically anything vocal. However, it is fair to say that the words 'beatboxing', 'vocal percussion' and 'multivocalism' ...
  • Kouji defined.


    Kouji (口技) means "mouth skills" and is a Chinese vocal art that uses the human mouth sounds to mimic the sounds of everyday life. It is usually combined with story ...
  • Noise defined.


    Noise is unwanted sound on an electrical signal that when reproduced can be heard by the listener. White noise is random frequencies whereas a ground-loop hum can be around 50Hz ...
  • Reverb defined.


    Reverb is the collection of reflected echoes that bounce of the floor, walls, ceiling and objects in a space such as a room. A large reverberant room (e.g. cathedral) has ...
  • Hearing loss defined.

    Hearing Loss

    Hearing Loss happens to all humans as they get older. We can hear a range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (20kHz), however as we get older two things happen: ...
  • Hertz defined.

    Hertz (Hz)

    Hertz or Hz is a measure of the frequency of a sound. 440Hz is a pitch of 'A above Middle C' on a musical stave.
  • Frequency defined.


    The frequency of a sound is how high or low it sounds. The non-technical and musical term for frequency is 'pitch'. A high pitch sound is a high frequency sound ...