• Beatboxing defined.


    Beatboxing is the art of creating beatbox sounds with the mouth. Modern beatboxing includes bass, instrument, sound effects, MCing and singing and many beatboxers consider themselves to be multi-vocalists. Beatboxing ...
  • Beatbox

    A beatbox is another name for a drum machine - literally a box that makes beats. A human beatbox is a person that emulates the sounds of a beatbox using ...
  • Beatbox battle defined.


    A beatbox battle is where two beatboxers (or teams or crews) go head-to-head to see who is the best. Each beatboxer or team takes it in turns to perform, usually ...
  • Bar (measure) defined.

    Bar (measure)

    A bar (UK) or measure (USA) is a repeating sequence of notes or beats. Typically, in beatboxing there are 4 beats in a bar. e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4. However, ...
  • Loop station defined.

    Loop Station

    A loop station is a hardware device used for live looping. Simple loop stations allow the beatboxer to overlay multiple times on one or two discrete tracks. More advanced loop ...
  • Live Looping

    Live looping is where a beatboxer layers loops of audio on top of each other in a live or studio performance. Live looping requires hardware such as a loop station ...
  • B-girl and B-boy defined.

    B-Girl or B-Boy

    A female or male breakdancer or body popper.
  • Effects defined.


    Effects (signal processing) is hardware or software that affects an analog or digital signal. It can be frequency based (such as equalisation or EQ), time-based (such as reverb) or dynamics-based ...
  • Interface defined.


    An interface is a piece of equipment that sits between a microphone/speakers and a computer, tablet or phone. It usually includes a microphone pre-amplifier and an analog to digital (A-D ...
  • Microphone defined.


    A microphone is a type of transducer - something that turns energy from one form into another. In this case, a microphone turns sound energy into electrical energy.