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Essential HBB Articles You Must Read

Here are all the best HumanBeatbox articles

We at work hard to bring to you the most resourceful and insightful articles to help you level up your knowledge and skill as a beatboxer. We know it's not an easy task keeping track of all our articles, so we've compiled this list for your convenience.

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All-time favorites

Core values: 3 Pillars of Beatbox Expertise

Learning stages: 5 Stages of Beatbox Expertise

Sound creation: 25 Most Incredible Beatbox Sounds #ReepsHarvard

Brain food: The Boring Generation: Are beatboxers becoming unoriginal?

Getting Started

4 Things everyone should know about the beatbox scene

A Beginner’s Guide to Beatbox

A Beginner’s Guide to Beat Patterns

7 Quick tips for beginners

How to join an online beatbox community

Basic video tutorials

Basic beat patterns

Self Improvement

Flow: The powerful feeling of flow and how to achieve it

Slowing Down: Art of Simplicity

Persistence: The Beatboxer’s Life Cycle

Take a break: Why you need to take a break from beatboxing

Confidence: 4 ways to regain your beatbox confidence

Personal philosophy: 4 Beatbox Philosophies we all can learn from

Practical battling tips

Variation: 4 Ways to add variation to your routine

Structure: How to structure a beatbox routine

Judging: Judging criteria defined

Battle rules: 6 Unspoken rules of beatbox battles

Beatbox as a Career

Landing shows: How to get paid gigs

Stage presence: 10 Commandments of a Beatbox Performance

Street performance: The Art of Beatbusking

Expert Analysis

Original songs: Why original songs take beatbox to the next level

Why practice?: Why practice is the answer to creative freedom

Finding your style: How do you find your beatbox style? Ft. Alem

American beatbox: Is the American beatbox battle scene changing?

Thoughts about the beatbox community

Viral videos: Are viral videos bad for beatbox?

Lessons from Reeps One: 6 Things we learned from Reeps Harvard

Importance of LIVE: 4 Reasons why everyone needs to experience beatbox live

Politics: Should we mix politics with beatbox?

Community Values: Ways we can build a better beatbox community


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