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Lesson 1: The basics

Lesson 1 - The Basics

TyTe introduces you to the phonetics of beatboxing and the three basic sounds.



This first lesson is designed to get you beatboxing. It teaches the three basic sounds (kick, hi-hat and snare) used to make a beatboxing beat and combines these three sounds into a simple beat pattern. You are introduced to SBN (Standard Beatbox Notation) - a simple way off writing beatboxing for students unfamiliar with music theory.


At the end of the lesson you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the difference between plosives and fricatives.
  2. Demonstrate the difference between an unforced and forced plosive.
  3. Make a simple beat pattern with a kick { B }, Hi-hat { t } and Snare { Psh } sounds.

This 20 minute video is divided into 9 sections. The whole lesson can be played through or paused after each section.

There are student activities associated with each section of the video:

Download the Lesson Plan (for teachers):

Lesson-1-Lesson-Plan (PDF)

Download the Activity Sheet (for students):

Lesson-1-Activity-Sheet (PDF)

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