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Lesson 2: Drum & Bass Beats

Lesson 2 - My first DnB Beat

In this lesson we combine three sounds to make a 16-beat by making a drum and bass beat pattern.


This second lesson teaches the techniques and rhythm for the student to produce a drum and bass beat pattern. You are taught how to make fast hi-hat patterns, are introduced to 16-beats, and the concept of auditory illusions - i.e. tricking the brain into thinking two sounds are happening simultaneously. You will also learn the classic rimshot sound - a forced k (as in kangaroo) { K }.


At the end of the lesson you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the difference between an 8-beat and a 16-beat.(2) Explain how an auditory illusion is achieved to make the listener 'hear' two sounds at once.
  2. Make a simple drum and bass pattern utilising the fast hi-hats.
  3. { t k } and classic rimshot { K }.

For Teachers

This 16 minute video is divided into 8 sections. The whole lesson can be played through or paused after each section. There are student activities associated with each section of the video.

Download the Lesson Plan (for teachers):


Download the Activity Sheet (for students):

Lesson-2-Activity-Sheet (PDF)

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