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Lesson 4: Tongue Grooves

Lesson 4 - Tongue Grooves

In Lesson 4 we look at a different sound set using the tongue to make the sounds.


This fourth lesson introduces you to a sound set that makes all the sounds with the tip of the tongue. It can be considered a different ‘sound set’. You will encounter the first sound that is not native to the English language, namely the 808 snare (named after the TR-808 drum machine that it emulates). The new kick { d } and snare { T } will be combined into a beat pattern, and with an added bassline forms what is called a tongue groove.


At the end of the lesson you will be able to:

  1. Explain and demonstrate the difference between a { t } and { T } sound.
  2. Combine the { T } with fricatives to form new combination sounds.
  3. Utilise the { d }, { t } and { T } sounds along with humming to create a tongue groove.

For Teachers

This 12 minute video is divided into 7 sections. The whole lesson can be played through or paused after each section. There are student activities associated with each section.

Download the Lesson Plan (for teachers):Lesson-4-Activity-Sheet

Lesson-4-Lesson-Plan (PDF)

Download the Activity Sheet (for students):

Lesson-4-Activity-Sheet (PDF)

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