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Good question.  A lot of beatboxers, once they understand the whole “inward sound” and “outward sound” concepts to control breathing, still struggle with maintaing a balance of the two types of sound while also making a beat sound fresh.

I’ve been beatboxing for 15 years and started before my lungs were strong enough to create sounds that suck it or push out air.  Through this, I’ve found that it’s not so much about sounds that suck in air versus those that blow out air, but rather the most important sounds are those which don’t allow air to enter/exit your lungs at all.  Sounds like tiny clicks, pushing air between teeth, smacking your lips, etc.  The “spit snare” that Gene uses is a good example.  These sounds won’t disrupt your airflow, and I’ve found them to be the secret to getting complex, fast beats without running out of breath.

Let me know if this makes sense!  I can post an audio sample if you’d like!

– Green

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