Green Beatbox

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I like your methods homies!

I generally mess around with sounds in the shower or in my spare time.  Just relax and start being creative, making random noises and being spontaneous.  No one is judging you (at least if you’re alone!).

Another piece of advice would perhaps be to avoid watchign YouTube videos.  I don’t mean to sound concieded, but I started beatboxing way before YouTube got big (circa 2003), and so I didn’t have sounds to duplicate, other than Rahzel, etc.  So the sounds I started beatboxing with weren’t the typical “b ts pf” sounds.  My style is thus rather different from others.  The point I’m trying to make is that watching videos is great for inspiration, but being creative on your own and not trying to fit into “what beatboxing should sounds like” is what will get you far in terms of originality.  You might have a goofy, weak new sound at first, but once you develop and tighten it up, it can become a unique element in your toolbox of sounds, contributing to your personal style.

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