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First off, Mark is an experienced beatboxer, who busks regularly in NYC and performs regular on stage (non-battles). So his skills of entertaining an audience is there, which really is a big one up against alot of the beatboxers who never really been on stage. Second, his grooves are amazing. He may not be the most technical in the common sense of the phrase, but damn he makes a great beat.

I think for the battles, all the votes were fair. I hear claims of bias all across the board. But understand Kaila is only ONE judge out of five. And lets talk about that. Even if Kaila wasnt dating Mark, her vote would have gone to him anyways. They are literal counterparts stylistically; Both are theater geeks and beat-rhymers. So I dont think much of her voting for Mark throughout.

If you look back at each judge, they voted based on their preference. Gene likes a good groove; Pepouni likes to be impressed in some sort of way, whether do something new or really clean; Dharni likes build ups and drops; Alem likes good flow and technicality. All had something to like about Mark. And the votes for Mark were either unanimous or an over time.

Now I dont think he should have been ranked second during eliminations, and that was what helped him in the bracket. Tyla, Komodo, Bloomer, Wobbles, Trung Bao, and Audical were in the other branch of the bracket, meaning Mark only had to face one of them in the finals. Only Villain was on his side of the bracket. And whatever you believe about the main battle between Villain and Mark, Mark won the Overtime; whether you believe it should have been an over time or not.

Finals, I dont have an opinion. I dont remember it enough. But beatboxing-wise, Trung had the lead. But Battle-wise Mark shook him. You’ll see in the battle, Trung got nervous looking at Mark and tries to cover Marks eyes. I asked Mark afterward and it was intentional to look confrontational on stage. And dont say thats not fair. Its a battle.

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