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In my opinion, Mark shouldn’t have even been in the final in the first place, Villain should have been against Trung. But as far as the final itself is concerned, I’m not really sure what to think.

Looking at the judging criteria;

-Creativity: Trung’s beats seemed way more diverse to me, whereas Mark’s beats all seemed to be a bit too similar throughout the competition. He didn’t switch up much. (TRUNG)

-Flow: neither was better or worse than the other as far as I can tell, both had perfect flow and structure to their routines. Mark seemed to go for more musical structure, while Trung typically went with the classic buildup-drop type beats that beatboxers have done for ages. (NEITHER)

-Musicality: Mark Martin is a musical beatboxer. He wins this part hands down (MARK)

-Technicality: I don’t think there was ever a point when I heard a beat from Mark that made me think “that’s a lot more technical than I could do”. Trung on the other hand was on fire, with rapid pehK, inward tks, slizzer rolls, and more making his routines seem much more fast paced. (TRUNG)

-Originality: this is a tough one. Mark’s beats were fresh and entertaining, and combined with his lyricism, allowed him to establish his own style. Trung Bao on the other hand, brings a lot of unique sounds, like his crazy inward bass, and his bass cannon. He is also the only beatboxer I know of other than Audical who uses inward tks a lot. I don’t really think it’s fair to say either of these guys are unoriginal (NEITHER)


So after looking at the 5 judging criteria, I would say Trung Bao is the winner. Mark’s beats were well structured, but not complex enough in my opinion. I’ve been beatboxing for a year and a half, and I’m fairly certain I could replicate most of Mark’s beats. Trung’s beats were a hell of a lot more complex, and much harder to execute. Trung also has a much wider sound set, whereas Mark sticks to his basic sounds.

I also found that musically, Mark is really good at building the beat up, but I think he takes too long to do it. In a 90 second round you need to showcase as much of your skill as possible, which you can’t do if half your round is a buildup. I’d love to see a full 3-4 minute routine from Mark. It would be much more entertaining than a routine of the same length from Trung, simply because Mark is so musical.

As far as ability is concerned, the two of them are very different. I think Mark is much better with musical, simpler stuff, while Trung is a beast when it comes to complex buildups and drops.


As far as battling goes though, I see Trung as a “battler”, like Alem, while Mark is a “musician” like sh0h.

So I was very confused when I saw Mark beat Villain and Trung. The one edge he had battle wise, is confidence. He looked like he was ready to devour his opponent at any point. Obviously this is great for battles. You can even see Trung is nervous during the final.


I must ask though, does confidence and personality make up for a more musical albeit repetitive, less ‘battle oriented’ style? I personally don’t think so. I think Trung won that battle. I think he was robbed, just like Villain (although the Villain battle was a lot closer, as Villain seemed to perform better in the small final than he did in the semi).

And I think the only reason Mark won was because of the judges. If the judges were from a more diverse set of styles, I don’t think Mark would have stood a chance, he especially wouldn’t have ranked so high in the eliminations.

I think if this was something like world champs, the battle would have gone much like Alem vs Gene in 2015. Gene had the flow, structure, and musicality, but Alem’s beats just required way more skill to perform. Trung would have won hands down if the panel was different.


I don’t want to accuse any judges of screwing with the vote, no matter their relation to the winner. All I’m saying is that under different circumstances, the vote would probably have swung the other way.




Heck, maybe I’m completely wrong altogether. Maybe beatbox is just evolving more towards musicality, and in the future simpler, easier beats which can make crowds move will be preferred over complex technical beats. Maybe the next world championship final will be Gene vs Mark Martin. Who knows? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….






For the record this was written at 3am, I have a headache and can’t sleep. So if there’s any typos, I apologise. And if this seems like some hateful rant, I’m sorry, it wasn’t meant to be. I just like writing ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

Tryin to make a change :-\

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