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⑴ a series of clicks in rapid succession made by the tongue continuously building and releasing pressure against the roof of the mouth.

⑵ it’s a really hard sound to explain. You curve your tongue back so the bottom of your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth. Don’t press it hard, just have the tongue touching lightly. Then use your tongue to suck air in really gently, which should produce the clicks.

⑶ I learnt the basic clickroll in about a week, while the inward clickroll (where you breathe in) only took about a day. Once you get the basic clickroll, the inward version is really simple.

⑷ I use them in beats with OD bass, as a transition between other beats:

B t (od) t | K t (cr) t


They can also be vocalized, or added to inward bass (that’s how B Art does his weird ‘rocket launcher’ bass.)

I’ve been working on my own version of clickrolls recently, which are done on the lip rather than the roof of the mouth. I find this a lot easier to make the clicks at a lower frequency (eg one click per second). This makes the B Art bass sound even better. This version also sounds great with the inward bass that Trung Bao does, and I use a lot. You end up with this weird intermittent groaning that sounds really gutteral and inhuman. I’d teach you it, but ⒜ it will be impossible to get without knowing standard clickrolls first and ⒝ I’m still perfecting the sound myself


Hope this helped 😀

Tryin to make a change :-\

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