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Recently I’ve been playing around with the inward k snare, trying to make it cleaner and come up with some variations.

Obviously the inward k can be used to inhale air, but I also use an “outward” inward k snare to exhale if I need to. The mechanics of it are exactly the same, but instead of inhaling after the ‘pop’ of the snare, you exhale into a hi hat/cymbal. It basically sounds like a rimshot and cymbal being hit at the exact same time.

It’s a cool and pretty unique sound (I’ve never seen or heard anyone else do it). And it allows me to use the simple snare both to inhale, and to exhale.



I’ve also been working on my pf snare, making it sound a lot louder and more powerful without using my lungs. This means I can inhale quickly while doing a pf snare, without making the snare sound rubbish. Of course, the pf snare can be used with an exhale too, to get rid of extra air.

I got the idea because snares are used in every single beat that I do, so if I can use snares to regulate air, I can regulate air in any beat.

Tryin to make a change :-\