Grammar Nazi

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It looks like all the hate comes from young teens, judging from the thumbnails on YT and on the lack of content on their YT channels.. Same goes for the hate on FB, it looks like all teens. Why spend so much time and effort on their opinions? There’s a reason why society says they can’t vote on political issues, buy alcohol, drive cars, etc. They’re simply too young and too inexperienced.. At the end of the day the battles should be about music. All 5 judging criteria are a big part of music and one can’t be seen as more important than the other. Most of the teens don’t even get the fact that the space, silence and pauses in the music are just as complex as continuous technical speed spamming of sounds. They can’t even hear if things are out of tempo, out of tune and if the flow of the music is disrupted. Nor do they understand that commitment, self-esteem and self-confidence shines through and has direct influence on the timbre of the sounds that are produced and on the overall feel of the music.. I always ask the question – Would you buy that piece of music and listen to it again and again?

Yeah, everything you just said is absolutely ridiculous. Regardless of whether they’re teenagers or not, at least have the respect to argue with them. The fact that you use their age and not the sentiment behind their arguments as your argument against them shows you off your condescension.

“Why spend so much time and effort on their opinions”

Are you legitimately asking why people form opinions. Is your high horse so high that you can’t understand that people, regardless of their age have the ability to fairly show off opinions and have the ability to debate and argue their opinions? Marketplace of ideas, learn about it.

TL;DR: Get off your high horse